Head of Technology

Head of Technology

Confidential Dossier

Seasoned Professional: Head of Technology / CTO / CIO / Solutions Architect


What his Colleagues Say:

  1. “As a former colleague of the candidate, what was most striking was his ability to adopt the most current technology trends. He has an acute ability to foresee which direction to take the organization, with a focus on building a broader consensus on the direction so that the whole team became invested. Ultimately, he is a terrific fit for an organization that wants to adapt and become the future.” – Anonymous Colleague
  2. Working with this person was a pleasure. He brings a wealth of executive-level experience and a strategic mindset, whilst having the hands-on skills to be practical, and tactical and provide guidance and support at the technical solutions level. He is collaborative, passionate about his role and team, and has a heavy focus on customer outcomes and experience.” – Anonymous Colleague
  3. “I have worked closely with our Head of Technology on several projects, and I can attest to their project management and team-building skills. They have a unique ability to rally a team together towards a common goal, and their communication and stakeholder engagement skills are top-notch. They always produce great results and deliver projects within the agreed timeline while exceeding our expectations.” -Anonymous Colleague

Our candidate is a highly experienced Senior Information Technology Manager specialising in program and project management. With a comprehensive understanding of business application enhancement, they have led multiple mission-critical initiatives requiring expertise in change management, business process optimisation, team leadership, and stakeholder management.

Regarding technical proficiencies, the candidate is well-versed in several programming languages, including TypeScript/JavaScript, Node Angular, CDS, Python, API, OAuth, Cognito (within the AWS ecosystem), and AD Active Directory (within the Azure platform). They have demonstrated ability in utilising analytics to drive sales, successfully leading a team of four to achieve profitability within weeks on a budget of $350,000 from a project that spanned six months.

Furthermore, the candidate possesses advanced knowledge in IT and business architecture, coupled with a strategic approach to implementation. Their expertise lies in service delivery across multiple industry sectors, including Media, Retail, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI). They desire to utilise their skills in a collaborative environment, working with colleagues to deliver impactful and valuable solutions to complex problems.

Achievements & Impact

Our candidate’s achievements include the following:

– Upgrade of bank-funded infrastructure management software within 9 months, leading a team of 50 including developers, analysts, and support, rolled out to over 40 countries and head office achieving the desired results.

– Designed and built an entire application and infrastructure for a client based on a three-page PowerPoint presentation that was pitched to them. The project involved starting a company in Tbilisi, Georgia, that allowed the team to hire local developers directly. Additionally, they passed a SOC 2 compliance audit.

– Implemented shared retail backends using JDE ERP (finance, sales & distribution, inventory & POS integration) within a year, with a budget of $5 million and a team of 6.

Our candidate’s impact can also be seen in their ability to deliver projects within time, budget, and scope while exceeding expectations. They have a proven track record of team building, stakeholder engagement, and driving change management. They are driven to create value-based and impactful solutions with colleagues while utilizing their skills to solve big problems.

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