5 Tips on How to Make Your Hiring New Year Resolutions a Reality

5 Tips On How To Make Your Hiring New Year Resolutions A Reality

It is January, and yes, it is the time of the year when we re-evaluate our achievements as well as the shortfalls of the previous year, and set our goals for the year ahead.

Be it improving you candidate communications or reducing dependence on traditional recruitment methods, you consider a list of resolutions to achieve your end goal. Here are five tips on how you can make your hiring New Year resolutions a reality.

  1. Many people try to acquire something new each year, such as a new hobby or a new sport. Why don’t you apply this common lifestyle resolution to your hiring strategy? EMBRACE CHANGES — consult with various recruitment agencies, and sign up for new recruitment software demos to figure out what new options are out there. You never know there could be something revolutionary to empower your recruitment process in 2015.
  2. It’s always been a challenge for many HR professionals to cut back on spends. The smartest way of doing it is to take help from a trusted supplier to see where your expenses are going.
  3. Analyzing your recruitment metrics is vital for successful hiring process as well as to know whether you’ve achieved your resolutions or not. Recruitment reporting is important to understand which advertizing platforms are yielding results and which are not working for you. Similarly, knowing cost-per-hire allows you to check your spend, and so on.
  4. If something isn’t producing results, consider cutting it out. For example, if you are mainly recruiting from just 35% of your job board portfolio, then why you need to keep the other 65%? It is difficult to assume which job board will deliver good results, but you can asses it by reporting on your applications by source. Also consult with advertizing agency to get a clue on the best resources for your recruitment campaigns.
  5. The market is full of varied recruitment software where it can be hard to pick one to put into practice for your hiring process. And here comes the role of the recruitment experts. Take some guidance from trusted sources. Checklist, free guides, HR blogs are all great resources available online with top tips and product updates.

Use these valuable tips and wave goodbye to the January blues. This is the time to get ready to take your New Year’s recruitment drive to the next level.


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