Partner Manager / Channel Development Manager / Partner Program Manager

Confidential Dossier

Sales Professional: Cloud/SaaS/AI Expertise, Strategic Partnerships, and Proven Track Record in Diverse Markets

What his Colleagues Say:

    1. “The candidate has an impressive ability to quickly understand complex technical concepts and translate them into tangible business benefits. Their strong communication skills make them an exceptional salesperson, able to establish rapport with clients and partners alike. They are a valuable asset to any team, and I highly recommend them for any sales or partner management role.”

    2. “Working alongside the candidate has been an absolute pleasure. They are highly motivated, detail-oriented, and consistently go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Their knowledge of Cloud/SaaS/AI platforms is unparalleled, and their strategic thinking has helped our team reach new heights. Their positive attitude and willingness to mentor others make them a fantastic team player.”

    3. “I have had the privilege of collaborating with the candidate on several high-profile projects, and their expertise in business development and strategic planning has been invaluable. They have an innate ability to identify growth opportunities and forge lasting partnerships, all while maintaining a laser focus on the needs of the clients. The candidate’s dedication and passion for their work make them a standout colleague, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

The candidate is a seasoned sales professional with expertise in Cloud/SaaS/AI-based platforms, partner management, business development, and strategic planning. With a BA degree in Psychology Studies, the candidate has a proven track record of driving growth and engaging with customers and partners in diverse markets. They are skilled in coordinating platform support, bridging the gaps between direct sales teams and partner sales, and possess strong communication and negotiation skills. The candidate has an extensive employment history, having worked with reputable global companies in various sectors.

Achievements & Impact

At a global leader in AI/Cloud/SaaS & CPaaS automated omnichannel communication, customer engagement/CX, and marketing automation, the candidate broke into the channel community with a newly opened and unknown solution, achieving 100% on partner acquisition target, and grew the pipeline over 100% in the first 12 months alone with partner outreach.

In a leadership role at an AI/Cloud/SaaS-based speech analytics platform company, the candidate greatly strengthened relationships with major technology partners, built a $1M pipeline during the early days of Covid, grew the partner ecosystem in Covid-challenged times, and expanded customers in the NFP, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, and Insurance industries.

As an Account Executive at a provider of cloud-based, AI/Cloud/SaaS unified communications & contact center platforms, the candidate salvaged a global, Australia-based financial services customer from replacing the platform, and won a well-known Sydney-based, multisite car dealership and other financial services organizations as brand-new clients.

In a Channel Sales Development & Sales Manager role at a cloud-based, SaaS advanced analytics solution provider, the candidate closed the largest company opportunity (at the time) in the Insurance industry, onboarded 100+ new customer labels with major partners, and salvaged major financial services and professional services customers.

Throughout their career, the candidate has demonstrated exceptional capability in driving growth, forging strategic partnerships, and delivering impactful results in challenging markets. Their achievements showcase their expertise in various industries and their ability to successfully adapt and thrive in diverse environments.

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