Don’t wait until your staff are overworked. Be proactive!

Recruiting in the last quarter of the calendar year can be challenging. It often seems like the quarter has only just begun when the party season kicks in – leaving great candidates distracted while work is frantic for you and your team.

But it’s a new year and great candidates frequently feel the urge to look for new challenges as holidays become history and the everyday grind returns.

It’s also a great time to start planning your Fintech and IT staffing levels for the upcoming year. It may be a bit quiet now but you know that won’t last. So hiring now means new candidates have a chance to settle in so they are working at their optimum when things get busy.

Conversely, waiting until you’re busy before starting the recruitment process is guaranteed to place undue pressure on any new recruit. It also means you are asking your highly valued, existing team members to work even harder while you go through the recruitment process.

So how will the year begin for you?

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