Key Skills, Traits and Values of Job Applicants

What exactly do you want in an applicant to help build your company in a way that satisfies you?

Finding the right candidates for specific job roles can be tough. But if you pay attention to the attributes of a candidate, you will find the employee you are comfortable with. Here are some skills, traits and core values to watch for.

Good Communicators
Employers are looking for people who can communicate. Candidates can’t just tell you that they are good communicators, but they should show you by answering your questions in 2 minutes without hesitation. When interviewing a candidate, expect an answer that includes the previous experience a candidate had.

Analytical/Research Skills
Candidates that have the ability to assess a situation, seek numerous perspectives, obtain more information if necessary, and identify the key issues that must be addressed hold tremendous value in your company. This means that you have highly analytical thinkers with the demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving and streamlining complex work processes.

Interpersonal Abilities
Solid candidates have the ability to relate to co-workers, inspire others to participate, and mitigate conflict with co-workers. This is essential given the amount of time spent at work each day. A candidate with strong interpersonal abilities means that he or she is a strong relationship builder with amazing social skills.

Leadership/Management Skills
Eventually you will find a candidate who is a goal-driven leader who maintains a productive work climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes and coaches employees to meet high standards. Make sure not to let these kinds of candidates get away.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Creativity
Candidates that have the general ability to find solutions to platforms using creativity, reasoning and past experiences along with the available information and resources already given to them have a purpose in your company. These kinds of candidates can help you solve the tough business puzzles.

Honesty, Integrity and Morality
Employers should respect personal integrity more than anything else. The character of a candidate is mostly defined by his or her integrity. Typically, seasoned professionals whose honesty and integrity make for effective leadership and ideal business relationship are the ones that get hired.

Positive Attitude, Motivation and High Energy
The determined candidates who get hired and the committed employees who get promoted, have the drive and the passion to excel and demonstrate their enthusiasm through their words and actions. Employers should seek an energetic performer who has an unmatched passion for work, a cheerful disposition and a positive attitude.

Candidates that are responsible and fair in all personal and work activities generally show true signs of maturity. These candidates avoid being petty and half-hearted when answering questions. These people are highly organized, dedicated and committed to being a professional.

The candidate firmly believes in himself or herself to do the job. This candidate has a unique mix of skills, education and abilities, and this candidate won’t be shy to show employers what he or she is all about. This candidate is a confident and hard-working employee, committed to achieving excellence.

Take note, however, that these are only SOME attributes you should be looking out for when choosing the best candidate for your company. The list can go on depending ,again, on your answer to the question about what you need – for your company to be functioning the way you’re happy with.

Overall, employers should be looking for candidates who can not only work well in the specific job roles they are given, but also those who stay true to their word and stay loyal to the company. Employers should be mindful of candidates who want to help enhance the company’s vision and be a part of the company’s successful future. Candidates who want to be in your company’s environment are employees that you can depend on because they share the same kind of enthusiasm that you have for your business.

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