Why Top Performing DevOps Won’t Join Your Company and What to Do About It


In the digital age, DevOps roles are in high demand. As a result, top talent in this field has a lot of choices when it comes to employment. Companies often struggle to attract and retain these professionals, due to a range of challenges, from misaligned expectations, lack of clear career path, to inadequate support and resources. This document aims to identify these challenges and provide solutions that can enhance your attractiveness to high-performing DevOps professionals in a short read (3 min).

The Challenges

Challenge 1: Misaligned Expectations

Many organisations do not fully understand what DevOps is about. They often confuse it with roles that are strictly about operations or development.

Solution: Clearly define the role and responsibilities of a DevOps professional within your company. Make sure your job descriptions accurately reflect the breadth and depth of the role. Quote the tech stack you are using now and explore for future challenges.

Challenge 2: Inadequate Support and Resources

DevOps professionals are often expected to deliver results without the necessary support and resources. This can result in burnout and job dissatisfaction.

Solution: Invest in the tools and resources needed to support DevOps professionals. This may include cloud services, automated testing tools, and other software and hardware resources. What training can you bring to up-skill.

Challenge 3: Lack of Clear Career Path

Without a clear career path, DevOps professionals may feel their growth is limited within the company.

Solution: Outline a clear career path for DevOps professionals. This should include opportunities for training, certification, and progression within the organisation.

Challenge 4: Poor Company Culture

Company culture plays a significant role in attracting and retaining talent. A culture that does not foster collaboration, innovation, and respect can deter top talent.

Solution: Foster a company culture that values teamwork, innovation, and continuous learning. This can be achieved through team-building activities, promoting open communication, and recognising and rewarding innovation.

Challenge 5: Inadequate Compensation

While compensation is not the only factor that attracts top talent, it remains a significant consideration.

Solution: Ensure your compensation packages are competitive within the industry. This should not only include base salary, but also bonuses, benefits, and other perks – Often internal TA and Hrigin Manger are misaligned with the current market. Should only sales be incentived to win?

Challenge 6: Lack of “It Works on My Machine” Certifications

Every DevOps professional has probably heard the phrase “It works on my machine!” When things go wrong in production but work fine on a local machine, it can be both frustrating and amusing.

Solution: Create a humorous “It Works on My Machine” certification. This can be a playful way to remind everyone of the importance of environment consistency and thorough testing. Just be sure not to actually reward behavior that ignores these principles.

Adding some industry humor can help make your company stand out and show that you understand and appreciate the unique aspects and challenges of DevOps work. It’s a great way to build rapport and connection with potential hires

Next Steps

Reading this is just the first step, you’re going to want to implement the
ideas presented. And the fastest way to do that and get even more help and you can book a 30 min session below to learn what it means to hire a top-performing Dev Ops.

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