Your 5 Job Search Mistakes

DeathtoStock_Medium10Often candidates ask me why they have not received feedback after job interviews or even after the application process. They have no idea why they are not getting anywhere with their job search.

Avoid these simple mistakes and you’ll get a better result from your job search;

1. Spell check. Obvious as it seems, but the amount of candidate resumes I have read with the punctuation & spelling mistakes is higher than you’d expect. Get a friend to proof read your application before submitting.

2. Presentation. Make your CV presentable. Align font size, spacing and text style. If you have over 5 years professional experience you should not be including your part time position you had at school or university. It’s OK to leave these off. You should be working to a 2-3 page CV. Anything over 5 pages is too long.

3. Approach. Don’t apply for every job you see on job sites. Recruiters and hiring managers talk. Applying for 3 different roles within the same company does not show your passion for that role. Use different techniques to get in touch with the hiring managers, don’t just rely on a job site applications. You can go to networking events, ask to speak to them on the phone or just research the hiring manager on LinkedIn and build a relationship directly. Make them want you.

4. Punctuality. Don’t be late for the interview, allow extra time to get there and prepare. If the interview time provided is not suitable or means you will have to rush it’s better to let the recruiter know. You are then setting the expectation with the recruiter and this will show you are aware of your time management.

5. Ask. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview about what the expected timeframe should be for the process. Ask ‘When should I expect to hear from you?’ And if you want the job ask; ‘Do you have any doubts that I could do this job?’

James Harman
CEO Snap Talent Int.

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