Snap Talent International is a Tech Recruitment Firm

Which Specialises in SaaS, FinTech & MedTech. Servicing StartUps, ScaleUps and Established Organisations.

Helping Tech Companies build high performance Leadership and Engineering Teams Globally. So they can speed up Growth and drive Technological Breakthroughs and Innovation.

About Snap Talent


Established in 2014 by James Harman, Snap Talent International emerged from a vision to revolutionize the recruitment landscape. Guided by the philosophy of #Hire4Fit, our commitment goes beyond merely filling vacancies—we aim to establish genuine synergies.

At Snap Talent International, we don’t just serve; we partner. This distinction lies at the heart of our approach. Instead of presenting a myriad of prospects, we focus on alignment, ensuring the right talent finds its rightful place. By doing so, we foster trust, forge enduring relationships, and stand by employers as they strive to maintain and uplift employee retention.

Our confidence in our methodology is unwavering. So much so, that should any of our placements depart within the first 3 months (or 12 months for our esteemed platinum clients), we pledge a replacement without any added costs. This isn’t just recruitment; it’s a promise of precision and partnership.