James’s team at Snap acquires talent that not only has the competency and experience to do the job but has the aptitude and behaviors to contribute to and thrive in the team. They take the time to understand why an organisation exists and have partnered with UNO to place numerous awesome people in a variety of roles. Their support has directly contributed to the successful launch of UNO home loans.
Jenny Kerswill
COO, UNO Home Loans
I approached James and his team at Snap Talent because we just couldn't find the right people for our team. James's team helped me by really understanding what it was I was looking for in a new staff member. The result was that we found 2 great new team members who work very well together. One thing I liked was their ability to listen to what we wanted and deliver results.I would recommend James and Snap Talent International to people who need to find the right staff for their business to help take them to that next level.
Terrence Tallentire
MD, Century 21 Australia
Snap Talent International's commitment to understanding both what a business needs and a potential employee, I believe gives us the best chance of finding the right talent for the business.Their hiring process has restored confidence in our business being able to find the right people for the job in a highly competitive landscape.I would highly recommend the team at Snap if you need someone to deliver you a quality hiring process from inception to completion. Will definitely be utilising their skills going forward!
Luke Iggleden
CEO, Amaze Communication

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