Passive candidates make a valuable future employee. We can headhunt suitable candidates in the market, we always complete a background check and assist with managing job offers to ensure a successful outcome.

Retained search is a low-risk way to find awesome candidates

Retained Headhunting is a premium recruitment service where our team is engaged on an exclusive basis to fill senior-level positions or roles that require a specific set of skills. As your strategic partner, we dedicate our resources, time, and expertise to conduct a thorough search and selection process, leveraging our extensive networks and search techniques.

The “retained” aspect refers to an upfront fee paid by the client, enabling our team to fully commit to your assignment. This proactive, targeted approach goes beyond simply filling a vacancy – we ensure that the appointed candidate aligns with your company culture, long-term goals, and strategic vision.

In Retained Headhunting, our primary focus is quality over quantity. We conduct comprehensive market mapping, competitor analysis, and in-depth candidate assessments to deliver candidates who will add lasting value to your organization.

This model is ideal for sensitive or confidential roles, hard-to-fill vacancies, and strategic hires, offering a dedicated, confidential, and strategic approach to meet your specific recruitment needs.


We’re confident in our ability to find you the perfect fit – so much so, that we promise a 12-month guarantee on our placements when you follow our tried-and-tested process. But we don’t stop there. We give you our special ‘Organisational DNA’ interviewing techniques, designed to help you pinpoint candidates who’ll truly click with your team. Plus, our handy onboarding guidelines ensure your new team member is set up to shine from day one. With us, it’s not just about filling a seat – it’s about fuelling your business with the right people.