Our Interview Stages

During our recruitment process we have a number of stages that candidates can expect. Stage 1 Phone screen – we will organise a short 15 minute call with candidates that we believe are suitable for the role. Stage 2 Face to face Interview – For convenience we will offer the opportunity to have a face … Read more

Looking beyond new year resolutions

A new year will often trigger the desire for a fresh start. While many of us quickly forget our New Year’s resolutions, some people actually set goals and start working towards achieving them. If the idea of working in the same job for another year fills you with dread, it might be worthwhile investigating other … Read more

The Art of Networking Conversation Starters

Professional networking can be difficult if you don’t have the language of business nailed down yet, but there are both casual and more subtle methods of starting a professional conversations the right way. Business deals can either be made or broken depending on how you choose your words in a chat. Before we discuss what … Read more

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