How to Hire the Best Staff

Why Companies Fail to Find the Best Staff


You can’t grow a winning enterprise singlehandedly. You need great employees by your side to build a flourishing business. Successful CEOs would agree that “Their men are their money.”
But these great employees are not easy to find and hire. There is no foolproof formula of hiring the best staff. However, we can disallow a few bad practices to encourage great talent to our business.
First, make sure that you are looking for the best employee and not the best candidate. You probably would say what is the difference? Both are the same things. Well, there is a difference! The best employees aren’t always appearing the best candidate. And this simple fact can change the way you think and evaluate the best employee for your company in future. Let’s compare the two different traits.
4 top traits of the best candidate are:

  1. Make good first impression
  2. Give full and complete response
  3. Have the right degrees from the “right” schools
  4. Seem quite firm and confident throughout the interview

4 top traits of the best employee:

  1. Perform, and often exceed, expected results on a normal basis
  2. Are committed towards their responsibilities and won’t give up regardless of the challenges
  3. Work well with others, working as a team to achieve success
  4. Fight for the resources necessary to meet the job requirements


So, who would you rather hire the best candidate or the best employee?
Now you might have come to the conclusion that there is no foolproof formula to hire the best employee. Probably because most hiring systems are not designed around hiring the best employee but rather they are designed around hiring the best candidate. Best employees don’t usually work hard to present themselves as the best candidate. And thus your hiring process proves effective only among the wrong audiences (best candidates).
Best employees don’t entertain boring job ads and apply only to highly compelling adverts that describes challenges and opportunities rather than listing down job requirements. You need to convince them as they always have more than one option at their hand.
To hire the best employee, your goal should be to hire the BEST PERSON possibly for every open position, even if it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Start searching such an employee way long before you actually have an open position: at parties, at industry events, or by reading the trade press and note down their name to use when it’s right time to hire.