How do you get the right person for a role that requires frequent travel?

Often roles require interstate travel in Australia. It’s increasingly common for employees to now accept project roles which last 2-6 months & commute 50-75% of this time.

Ever got an early morning flight from Sydney to Melbourne? Its like the Sydney Trains during the 8-9am commuter rush. Queuing to get on the planes you’ll see many professionals without the typical hand luggage, they’ll be queuing with a simple laptop bag and a jacket. Also, they have this sneaky way of getting off the plane looking as if they never even flew.

So how do you know you’re interviewing the right candidates when you have a role which involves traveling over 50% of the time?

To help understand their recent background, ask questions like, ‘How much did you travel in your last role?’ and ‘What is the worst commute you’ve ever had?’.

You need to know the candidate’s motivation and passion for the role. Long hours away from family and friends can be difficult to manage. Ask questions such as; ‘What appeals to you about the role?’ & ‘Would you be attracted to this role if it didn’t include as much travel?’. Don’t forget to then ask the most important question; ‘Why?’.

Lastly & most importantly be honest to the candidate your interviewing. Don’t under estimate the travel required. It’s likely that they will accept and then resign after 2 – 3 months and not complete the full project. Be upfront before the interview, make it clear in the screening questions and also if you’re using a job advert. Tell the potential candidates that the travel is the role.

So, just because you’ve found the right candidate, remember someone that travels will need some flexibility with working hours and then time off between projects. Don’t be unrealistic with your expectations, or you’ll have your employee burn out before the jobs done.

— James Harman
CEO Snap Talent International

LinkedIn: jameslharman

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