Use The Experts

Having problems finding the right candidate and had a job vacancy open for sometime? Are you blaming the talent pool and sure that there’s nobody out there to fill this position?

If you had a toothache, you can leave it and hope it gets better by itself. Instead going to the dentist and seeking expert advice could save the longer term pain & save you increased costs. The longer term pain of not consulting an Expert is an abscess, a crown or even a removal of the tooth.

Similarly, if you’re getting a house built you wouldn’t go to a builder that didn’t have any recommendations and wasn’t an expert in the field. So why do we shy aware from asking the Experts in Recruitment?

Just like the dentist the longer you leave the expert advice the more the decay builds up. It causes stress and also impacts the way you can perform your job when you’re in pain. A lot of hiring managers treat their recruitment like going to the dentist.

It appears costly at first and that there is always hope that they can find the right candidate themselves. However, this process then takes more time and costly resources of the hiring manager when they should be focusing on the business deliverables.

Not using an expert and recruiting the wrong candidate could cost a company $25,000 for a mid-level role. Seeking expert advice would usually cost around; $7,000 to $12,000.

James Harman
Snap Talent International

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