The Holidays are the Best Time to Hire the Top Notch Candidates

As the traditional HOLIDAY SEASON swings into high gear, many hiring managers and HR personnel take a break, assuming candidates will be too busy merry making and not pay much attention to a job descriptions during this year-end festivity season.

Why December is a Powerful Recruiting Month?

But if you’re a corporate recruiting genius, festive season should be viewed instead as a prime recruitment period. Here are just a few reasons why you should not gear down and consider devoting all your available resources and time to your hiring efforts during the month of DECEMBER.

Opportunity to make the most of your yearly hiring budget – Many organizations believes in establishing a yearly budget for entire hiring costs including recruitment. If your organization too has allocated the budget for the calendar year then you can make the most of the resources at your disposal.

The holidays themselves create natural networking opportunities – Just prepare a list of holiday parties, potlucks, luncheons and other shindigs that you are going to attend and host between Now and New Year. Enthusiastic corporate recruiters are already on their job to make most of this natural networking opportunity.

Many applicants are allowed for flexible working during the festive season – The holidays are busy time of the year, but this is also the fact that during this time employees get maximum scheduled day off and have more flexibility or excuses for last minute absence. Candidates get several of chances to come for an interview during the holidays. If you believe in planning ahead, you would already have arranged someone to meet and greet the candidates even during off hours to increase your chances of hiring top talent.

You are most likely to get the candidate having superior level of diligence – The candidates you will meet during holiday season are most likely having greater level of dedication and diligence than other candidates. Just think it this way – one who is putting in his time and efforts to uphold a job hunt during the busiest time of the year have already gone a long way showing excellent dedication and determination towards their duties. December recruiting comes with an added measure of assurance that candidate that you interview this month really have their mind made up to succeed in a new position.

“You should be greedy when others are fearful and when others are fearful you should be greedy.” Ideal time for recruitment is when candidates are most available and receptive, and there is no better time than the month of December! Seize the opportunity!


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