How LinkedIn Helps You Find New Staff

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals, but what if you are not familiar with LinkedIn? How can you properly utilize this extremely powerful tool for your business?

LinkedIn isn’t too different compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Once you have mastered using these following features, your company will feel right at home with LinkedIn.

Show Work Samples
A wide variety of media such as videos, images, documents, links and presentations to the Summary, Education and Experience sections of your company’s LinkedIn profile are the most influential. When both customers and potential employees view the products and services that you provide on LinkedIn, they will come away with either a positive or negative impression, depending on what they are looking for. You can add, remove and rearrange these sections to fit your preferences.

Optimize Your Company Page
Take full advantage of the creative space that LinkedIn gives you. Show the most important details about your company, what your company does, what you plan to achieve and what kind of business model you run. It would be ideal not to leave any important details out if you are to attract the right kind of talent to work for your company.

Create and Feature Showcase Pages
Showcase Pages are niche pages that connect to your main LinkedIn company page. You can promote specific products or cater to your individual marketing personas by utilizing Showcase Pages. This will enable LinkedIn users to follow the bread and butter of your products and services.

Recruit New Talent
This is by far the most beneficial part of using LinkedIn. If you need to fill a few positions in your company, then make sure to establish the Careers section of your Company Page, which you can use to promote your available job openings. There are unique features that you can apply to the Careers section such as implementing Silver and Gold Careers Packages. These features allow you to add a large and clickable cover image that will direct users to a specific job, a list of jobs and opportunities located on your official website, or broad examples of your company’s culture.

Post Company Status Updates
It takes some social media savvy in order to post company status updates that will catch the interests of people. Frequently updating the progress of your company will entice and encourage users to follow your Company Page. Remember that the products and services you provide will be targeting specific users, so make sure that the marketing of your company, especially when you post frequent updates, remains aligned with the targeted users and their interests.

Stay In Touch
Like any other social media platform, you can stay in touch with former, valued and trusted colleagues for potential future employment on LinkedIn. The internet gives you more flexibility to communicate with potential employees compared to phone and in-person conversations. Casual conversations not even related to work can help build and strengthen relationships with others. You can also join groups on LinkedIn where some members will share the same interests, specializations, backgrounds and experience that you look for in potential employees.

LinkedIn is not only a highly functional social media tool, it has also proven to be highly effective with new age staff hiring.

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