The Ultimate Hiring Quiz for Tech Leaders: A Deep Dive into Modern Recruitment

Ultimate Hiring Quiz

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and dynamic workplace cultures, the recruitment landscape is more intricate than ever. And if you’re a tech leader, the stakes are even higher. Enter the Ultimate Hiring Quiz for Tech Leaders, a tool designed to not just test, but also transform, your recruitment approach. Why the Quiz? … Read more

Plotting the Path to Success

Plotting The Path To Success

Plotting the Path to Success: Building a Career Roadmap for Tech Professionals Many software organisations which have some experience in employee retention are aware that, while money is a significant motivation, it is not the only one for sure. Top talents seek both financial and career development. According to Zavvy statistics, 70% of employees believe … Read more

Why Top Performing DevOps Won’t Join Your Company and What to Do About It


Summary In the digital age, DevOps roles are in high demand. As a result, top talent in this field has a lot of choices when it comes to employment. Companies often struggle to attract and retain these professionals, due to a range of challenges, from misaligned expectations, lack of clear career path, to inadequate support … Read more

The Future of DevOps


The Future of DevOps: Embracing AIOps and DevSecOps Ready for the next wave in DevOps? Buckle up, because things are about to get exciting. As technology continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, two emerging trends are set to transform the DevOps landscape: AIOps and DevSecOps. Imagine the thrill of being at the forefront of … Read more


Navigate Remote Tech Teams with Ease | Snap Talent International

NAVIGATE REMOTE TECH TEAMS WITH EASE: TIPS FOR SOFTWARE LEADERS Before the Pandemic hit its peak in April 2020, the United States labor force topped at 164.6 million workers. According to Owl Labs’ survey, during COVID-19, about 70% of full-time employees were transferred to work from home for obvious reasons. But then something interesting happened: … Read more

Top Tips to Keep Your Employee Focused during The Holiday Season

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With the holiday season comes many distractions for your employees. This is the time even for the best employees to become DISTRACTED. Between decoration, shopping and many more distracting elements of holidays, it’s no surprise that your employees are less than focused on work. The biggest challenge in front of a manager or an employer … Read more

How LinkedIn Helps You Find New Staff

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals, but what if you are not familiar with LinkedIn? How can you properly utilize this extremely powerful tool for your business? LinkedIn isn’t too different compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Once you have mastered using these following features, your company … Read more